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IT Services

Technology Integration and vendor consolidation. Eliminate the need (or related expense) to manage upgrades, migrations or projects. Digital Privacy & Security, Encryption, secure hosted email / filtering, web-domain management, Social Media Management, DNS services and Web Development.

Digital Transformation

All by itself, our Application-Free platform service which is customizable to any brand and product offerings to leverage your digital marketing with any service channel; lowering service costs simultaneously.

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Digital Services

Link your Branch, Loan, Web, Mobile Apps, Digital and Marketing Channels with one App-Free subscription based service.

IMITAK provides a complete custom Application-Free mobile marketing & engagement platform service add-on for your current mobile banking / RDC. With BranchLinkUp™ your Credit Union will now have the opportunity to simultaneously attract new Members with our simple to use mobile on-boarding, while connecting current members to the services they use/need most; all while your Credit Union offers targeted promotions.

With a single service implementation you will ensure that every opportunity is taken to engage with your members and lower service channel costs simultaneously. IMITAK complements and easily integrates with any existing core banking system. IMITAK is your best long term solution that gives your Credit Union complete digital transformation of all your in-Branch services for unparalleled accessibility and ease of use for your members. While simultaneously introducing non-members with one solution! Think your ready to begin? Find a domain here.

I guess we could not expect BranchLinkUP™ to stay a secret forever but we sure have enjoyed being their first customer to use their App-Free services to meet our marketing demands serving multiple locations and languages. It has been a game changer.”

This was one of the easiest choices to make going with IMITAK this year with SLA’s to meet our needs and a simple call to integrate with our core processor at 1/3 of the costs I was being quoted."

Finally we can start processing loan applications from any device using IMITAK's mobile engagement service and we can see the difference it is making."

Best decision we have made going with IMITAK, we have saved a great deal of time and effort and our members get to our services faster."

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IMITAK is a FinTech company that provides innovative Digital, Mobile and IT Services. IMITAK aligns IT, Marketing and Mobile for unparalleled service engagement.

IMITAK became the first company to develop and bring to market a single mobile platform service that centralized financial services in the mobile sphere in 2011. IMITAK is compatible with any mobile banking vendor / loan origination system (LOS). Previously in 2007 we mobilized financial services with our then server based mobile services which were developed long before smartphones arrived.

As these Smartphone’s developed we adopted and developed a complete mobile marketing & engagement platform service (PWA)+(SaaS) which works with any device and will always be current.

We launched IMITAK officially in 2015 as a FinTech division with its own brand from our parent Company Media Systems Technology Corporation which has been delivering custom IT services throughout the U.S. since 1994. IMITAK's unique structure provides the stability and solid foundation that is vital to serving the needs of Credit Unions. So our service brings with it a level of experience that is extremely hard to duplicate.

IMITAK is focused on developing and delivering new technologies that equip Credit Unions to effectively market and engage members making Credit Union's their primary financial institution.


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    IMITAK is a Fintech Company that understands the operating characteristics and objectives of Credit Unions. IMITAK is compatible with any mobile banking vendor and any Loan Origination System (LOS) providing Credit Unions innovative IT, Marketing and Mobile Services right now. Engage more of your target market, with IMITAK.

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